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Question On A Tread I Can't Find - Robot Follows You Using Ir Sensors

Hello all,

A while back someone had made a robot base that followed him. I believe they used IR sensors. I have looked through most of the posts but I really do not remember who or what the topic was, does anyone remember?

I am looking to try using IR and Ping sensors for my robot to follow me.


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Thank you Alan! :) This is the one, I knew someone would have it.
Couldn't you do the opposite of object avoidance? Just blueskying here, but if an IR or ultrasonic sensor senses something it turns towards it rather than away from it and then moves forward.
@bhouston, I never thought about it, I do remember DJ saying something about the Ping ultrasonic not having a time out or something like that. I will give this a try using the IR's and let everyone know if it works. Thanks for the idea.