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United Kingdom
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Question For Release Dates For New Products

@EZ-Robot HQ.

I know you guys have been crazy busy recently, but I was wondering, is there any news on possible release dates or ball park store ETA's on the new v4 camera with wider field lens (not the wireless HD one) and the 8x8 RGB LED array that was mentioned a while back?



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I'll second that. plus the Inverted Pendulum board
Hey guys,

All those projects that you mentioned, as well as a few others, are on my list and are currently being worked on but I'm sorry no ETA yet.
United Kingdom
Okay Jeremie, no worries. Thanks for letting us know.:) I only questioned about the 8x8 arrays as DJ mentioned it would be available in a few week which was 5 months ago now, but I know you guys have been extreamly busy with the Brookstone deal.