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Question Connecting Dual H-Bridge To Ez-B (Need Diagram)

Trying to connect L298N Dual H Bridge DC Stepper MotorDriver Module Board to EZ-B and need help.

User-inserted image

I cannot seem to get both 3.5 volt electric srewdriver motors going and when one goes, it's very low voltage even though I've an external 10 plus volts connected. Ive connected enA pins ini1,2,3,4 enB to the outer signal pins on the EZ-B and added the PWM's with the correct enA and enB D-Pins but they do not seem to help much.

Is there a diagram I can use for connecting this dual H-bridge.

Any help much appreciated.


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I've been asked a few times for a better schematic on our version of that controller - i have it scheduled for tomorrow. it'll be similar and will help you


Thanks DJ..That would be great...


Hey DJ, - have we had any luck on the schematic, I'm interested to know if I'm only getting 3.5 volts out of the H-Bridge because I may have wired it up wrong.






DJ - I used your current diagram for hooking up the H-bridge I mentioned in this post and have just found it works. My problem was battery power. I was using a AA battery pack 2x4 AA's and nothing worked properly but as soon as I switched over to my large glider Parkzone battery 11.1 V 1300mah the motors were roaring with the 5 plus volts I needed. I'm now ordering some batteries of Richie. Iv'e made a post in case others are in a similar loop and not electronically minded (like me).


Awesome to hear!

I have a video - it'll be sent to the editing tomorrow


Cheers DJ - look forward to seeing it.


Awesome DJ.. Your demontration is great. I see you connect the enable A and enable B pins with one wire. I will try that - as previously I have had enable A & B with a wire each going - with both wires going into the signal pins D0 and D5 of the EZ-B. When I added PW sliders they added individual control to the motors but made it harder to control both at the same time.

Thanks again