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Question About The Roomba Ez-Bot(Vacuum)

can you control the suction of the roomba through the ez-b?

Yes, you can turn on and off the brush motor.
which models are compadible? which ones have ps2 plug? looking for latest.
All the 4XXX, 4XX, 5XX, 6XX, and 7XX models have the SCI 7-pin mini din connector and they are all compatible with the EZ-B
ok thanks. BIG help. robo-vacuuming service on it's way
I am looking to Mod a Irobot Scooba 390, as they are Dumb! use bump diagnostics.

But from what I have seen on your forum its possibly not supported?

The plug on the scooba is on the side and is a 5 pin din type plug not a PS2 type. This is the charge port, any ideas or help would be much appreciated.

iRobot did not include interface command capabilities for any of the Scooba models. The 7 pin mini din connector is located inside the Scooba and is visible once the tank is removed. Using a TTL to USB cable you can monitor the Built in Test diagnostics as well as the battery charging data when the Scooba is connected to its power supply. The only command the Scooba responds to is the master reset command "7".