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Question About Omnibot 2000 Eyes.

So how do I go about changing the color of my Omnibot 2000 robots eyes. I know dumb question, but I was wondering how others on here have done it?

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That's a very good idea, those are pretty cool looking eyes. So what does something like that cost to have done? Still throwing ideas around. Did you use them on Lexi?
There was someone here that had used a simple color change with a blue LED lamp screw-in replacement. He found on eBay.
Well I was wondering since the original eye lens is yellow, I didn't know if I should go the local glass company here and have them trace out and cut me a new color eye lens, blue, green, red, I have asked the owner of the company and he said he can cut one for me. If I was to change the color of bulb to a blue LED lamp, would it show blue through the original yellow lens, I almost say no, but I could be wrong.
Yeah youre right. It will change the color.
I found these on a quick search on eBay for 6v ones. They have others too.
6volt led bulbs
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You can get clear plexi from hobby shops. I have bought light blue transparent and opaque white before.
Thank you, I put those under my watch list, I might just order me some of them :-}
The owner of the glass company here said he could cut me a new lens out if I took him the original Omnibot 2000 lens, he said he would only charge me around $8.00 or so, he would use a left over piece of plexi.
That's reasonable. A hobby sop will charge more than that for one not cut to size.
I am just taking my time, no hurry, just seeing how I can change things up :-}
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Hi Stonewolf!
This is a bit off the wall, sorry, but I need a spare for my Omnibot 2000. Do you happen to have that grey part that connects the arm to the body? Maybe dont need it anymore? Pls let me know.
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United Kingdom
Someone re-used an old plastic bottle or plastic storage box, made a template from the old orange lenses and made new clear/opaque lenses for the eyes. This is going back to when I first joined, so around November 2012. I think it was Matt's OmniMC if memory serves me correctly (now this is a real test of my memory! lol)
No I do not have those pieces for the Omnibot 2000 arms, if I did I would sell them to you :-{ Only ones I have are for the Robie Sr. robot at this time.

Thank you for your input, that is another very good idea I never thought about, it would be very easy to cut the plastic. Thank you :-}
Thanks for getting back!
@stonewolf I have been working on the same thing with the head you sent me. I picked up some blue LED's and some red LED's from radioshack and wired them in (i want to have his eyes change color depending on mood).

this didn't work well with the yellow lens as yellow + blue gives you green and the red just looked like a burnt orange.
I've since cut a replacement lens from an old tupperware container. it works great. Its like a white semi frosted plastic so you cant see the LED's through it and when they are on you get an awesome diffused glow throughout the lens. I highly recommend it.
I'll have pics up soon so you can see for yourself.
@Kullthulu :-}
Was the Tupperware container easy to cut through, what did you use to cut it out with?
I am just getting ideas right now :-}
Are you making anymore progress on your bot?
As you can see I am trying to get my robots body perfected and soon it will be ready for some color :-}
I have to disassemble and prime and paint the 2 sets of robosapien V2 arms and I also have to design shoulder covers. I am gaining ground, but like I said, I am in no big hurry, take my time and get things done right :-}
I might be getting back with you on those eyes, that is a very good price :-}
Would I have to do much cutting or modifying the Omnibot 2000 head?
hi anthony: could you also print these arm-parts? would need a copy - thing is, that these things easily breal because of the stress the arm puts on the small tip once it is moved.
the one shown on the picture (post #11) above.