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Question About New Camera And Ez-B V4

Does the new camera have a microphone for sending speech commands back to the PC? I wouldn't expect it to be high quality enough for a lot of speech control, but maybe for a few well articulated commands, or even just letting the operator at the PC hear what the robot can hear (remote presence).



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Unfortunately, the only microphone that would be able to work properly due to noise is the one on your computer (or hooked up externally) The servos create too much noise interference for it to work properly on an actual robot.


I agree with Mark. Imagine the speech recognition trying to make sense of it all with the sounds of motors and gears so close and you so far. It would either misunderstand or not no anything. The best thing is to do as suggested and get a wireless mic if you plan to guide it around yourself or get a good mic for the CPU.

After reading your post again, I understand you arent wanting it for speech control mainly. It was probably best not to attempt to add that mic because it would flood the forums with "I can't get my speech command to work when moving around". Try adding a separate mic solution that doesnt go through the ezb to hear what the robot hears.:)


Around the office we use a bluetooth headset connected to the computer.


I plan on using a BT headset for most of my speech recognition needs. Really I was thinking more about remote presence. I have lots of other solutions available. Just thought it might save one piece of hardware.