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Question About Mixing Order And Pre-Order Items And Shipping Costs

I am putting together an order of some items currently available (batteries, maybe a couple of servos) and some items that are on pre-order (new sensors, maybe an adventure bot), as well as pulling together a group by for US customers who only want a couple of small items in order to save on shipping costs.

Will the entire order be held until the pre-order items are ready to ship, or will items available now ship now and pre-order items ship later. If the latter, will I be charged shipping for both shipments or just once?

Just trying to figure out the timing of when to make a post about the US Group Buy.




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All items would be held and shipped later - I should add that to the description. Thanks for the question:)

Although, if you wanted to Contact Us and request two separate orders. The only issue would be shipping cost.

We're in a real manufacturing craze at the moment. There's a large retailer who placed an order in the thousands that we're filling. Which is challenging because it is taking time away from web orders. There really is no reason why we have product in pre-order state, other than Alan and Jason having low confidence that introducing a new product at this time will disrupt the larger order.

My best guess would be that all "pre-order" items will be shipping near end of May. Jason is flying to China in a few weeks to spend the rest of the month there. His job will be ensuring they have a good handle on the new products that we are offering.

There are a few more products which aren't even on the website yet that we're working on. Such as the 8x8 display, oled display, gps, and a few other goodies:) Should see those in June

Once we have this process ironed out for these new products, adding new ones will be easy. We should be able to start adding new products ever month without struggle come June.


That sounds awesome. I'll probably put in two orders, one of items I beed soon and one for items that include pre-orders, but may wait to see the price of the oled display first.

Big retail orders! Exciting times!