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South Africa
Asked — Edited

Query Regarding Ez-Script-Help.Pdf


Please can you check the EZ-Script-Help.pdf file for the two possible amendments :

Under REPEATWHILE example : should "REPEATUNTIL" be replaced with "REPEATWHILE" and

Under GetServo and SetServo : should "100" be replaced with "180"



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Why are you asking for help with this? What exactly do you need help with?... Not trying to be rude, but I am not sure why this thread is marked as requiring assistance if all you are doing is just pointing out information oversights...
South Africa
Sorry Richard , you are correct, I dont require assistance. I posted this under the wrong thread. I noticed these possible amendments when going through the manual today. I do apologise.
@ianmbrick Hey no worries, no need to apologise... DJ will take care of this...:)