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Qr Codes And General Reliability

Hi guys, just seeming some feedback from those fairly experienced with the EZ's.

I have been using a JD on a display booth at a future cities summit with my work. I've got it doing a bit of a spiel but also wanted to use the QR code reading ability to have it give some info on differently aspects of our display triggered by different codes. So, have set them up with basic scripts for speech and movement.

I find its performance inconsistent though. Sometimes it performs fine. Other times when it sees the code it just states the aura name and doesn't perform the script. It will also sometimes then keep repeating this name approx once a minute until it's rebooted.

Other times when it may perform the script, it will fail to stop running the script even though there is an appropriate stop command at the final stage, which works sometimes.

I really want to promote the platform as an affordable alternative as I think it's great on many levels but must admitni am frustrated by its unreliability at times. Is there something I might be missing, or, as our EZ's are a couple of years older, are the newer ones any more reliable?

Any feedback appreciated.



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Let’s take a look at your scripts in the project so we can get you up and running. Please post your project here to this message, or share the link to it in the ez cloud AppStore.


Hey for the reply DJ. apolgies for the delay in getting back, had a tech free long weekend after my work trip:)

attached are two of the example Blockly codes. The 'Lendable Tech' one was one which exhibited the failuer to stop at the end of the script sometimes, despite having a stop command at the last stage. it did work sometimes but not every time.

The ebooks one is similar, and both of these at times exhibited the issue of at times, when shown the QR code, the actual routine did not launch, but just the actual script name, ie 'Ebooks' or 'Lendable Tech' was spoken. if you showed the camera another QR code (i had 5 set up all together), it would generally launch ok, then if you came back to the failed ones later, they would then launch. It was just very inconsistent all around.


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