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New Zealand
Asked — Edited

Qr Codes

Had a thought last night...

DJ Would it be possible for the glyphs and their recognition to be upgraded to work with QR Codes?

Perhaps even have the code loaded into a string...

Webcam would have to be fairly good resolution ... but if a cellphone can do it....


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New Zealand
No bites there DJ.... not even a nibble of recognition.... hmmmm.
I reply to literally hundreds of emails in a day + forum posts, software development and other business tasks. Your patience is appreciated in the future:)

I think that's a neat idea and I feel it is already on the to-do list.
New Zealand
All good... I forget that I'm awake when most others are asleep ... (But somehow I doubt you'd be muck of a sleeper with all these updates...) LOL.
LOL yes, I have a very unusual sleeping schedule. AKA I sleep when I'm tired only - doesn't matter what time of day, I sleep:)

What most people don't know is that I am the only developer of ARC, EZ-SDK, EZ-B Firmware, etc.. Every piece of software under the EZ-Robot platform, i'm the only programmer. It is a lot of work! It's really easy and enjoyable when I receive positive comments. I'm good at ignoring the negative responses and people;)
New Zealand
I had a couple of friends over showing them ARC when I found the latest update and almost wet myself laughing about this thread....

QR-codes are now a reality !

Well done....

I can't take any qudos for the ideas I keep posting ... cause you obviously have them already in development.... but I am getting a kick about posting them and then seeing them become a reality a short time later...

Big Ups!
LOL, well you can get kudos for reviving the to-do list item:) that made it a reality