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Pwm Script Command Does Not Appear To Work

The PWM Script Command PWM(port#,position) does not appear to work.

I test things using the sliders and when they work, I write script commands to execute them.

I used the PWM slider to drive my linear actuators. I monitored the waveform from the EZ-B and the dc voltage that was delivered to the linear actuator. All was in order.

Then I wrote script commands to do the same thing. PWM(D2, 0) for example. I saw a constant high, 100% duty, from port D2. It did not modulate the duty cycle, like the PWM slider did. So, of course it would drive the linear actuator to its stop and not come back. I can still control it properly from the PWM slider.

I tired with and without a load on D2.

Any ideas?


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PWM works in tests. Please check over your scripts:)

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I don't doubt that you tested it and ensured that it works. However, it produced a constant high every time until I exited out of ARC and came back in. It must be my laptop.

Thanks again