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Pulling Hair Out - Ezb Won't Control Servos

D.J. I tried to make this Heading understandable. But this is ONLY the beginning of the situation. I hooked up to the EZB on the robot through my desktop computer. Most everything worked fine. I tried a half a day (Not your fault) trying to install Bluetooth on the notebook which was winXPpro without success. finally,I took a brand new win7 notebook off another robot that I built and THEN I could get the bluetooth and go forward. On the desktop, I saved the EZB program to the cloud. I loaded it back to the new notebook. It looked fine. But, NONE of the windows worked. It was as if the EZB was not connected. But, it was.

????? Help, Please.


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MovieMaker, the EZ-B only works with windows 7 (not xp)
Is that a fact? Well, maybe that was it. But,I figured out what was wrong. On the new laptop, there was a different com port and my connection windows was lost under all of the others. Once I connected, it worked fine.
@movieMaker ARC works on XP, 7 and 8 versions of windows
Thanks for the correction DJ. I thought there were parts of the EZ-B's software that was problematic with XP. My apologies to all the XP fans out there. I'm really hanging for the ARCs update release on the 6th - from your write up it looks awsome.