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Ps Vita!

Here's an interesting idea!
it would be pretty cool to be able to control the ezb with the New Playstaion Vita. It has two analog joysticks, accelerometer, gyro, micriphone, wifi, bluetooth standard playstation controls, front and rear cameras, touch screen and a rear touch panel. there are endless things you could do with all this input and a EZ-B.

just an idea
keep up the awsome work DJ Sures the EZ-B is great


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I second that..... It's just a 5" android tablet that has a rediculous quad core processor and obviously a game pad which is ideal for directional controls. Dj is already on the android bandwagon so all he needs is to make sure the app supports gamepad controls.
The PS Vita does not run on android
My.nieghbor has android and.can play.angry.birds and stuff , it may now come stock but it sure runs it.
Angry Birds is a game in the Playstation store. The PS Vita runs on sony's own custom os, not android.