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New Zealand
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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Proxy Server Authentication

Hey DJ

Been off the grid for a bit ... went and brought a new house and had to pull 10 years of living apart to shift ... most things are in storage but I am getting back into it.... can't complain as I now have a real workshop to really get into building Lawrence.

I've introduced my students to EZ-Robot and they are loving it.... we even printed our first EZ-Bit on our Makerbot Replicator Dual the other day.... took us a few goes but we got it!


One problem we have is that our school uses a Proxy Server that requires authentication to access to the FTP.... I would guess that most schools do the same.

Can you include proxy authentication in a future release so that the update check, cloud and bit downloads will work for us?

- @Tameion

Welcome back:) ARC doesn't use FTP. It uses only HTTP. There is no plan to add a proxy server at this time. We haven't had any issues with any other schools. Can you verify that your school actually requires proxy for HTTP? Because that's unusual and outdated.:)
New Zealand
Hmmm I assumed that it was FTP .... I'll go do some homework and get back to ya.

Or are you using a specific port for the download?

- @Tameion

PS. Thanks for the quick reply.
Port 80 is for everything.. HTTP

You may have to request that our server ip be put into a list to be accessed. Some offices and educational networks will limit destination ip addresses.
New Zealand
Okay, okay .... got the *bump*.... I'll mark it as resolved... lol.
haha, no no the bump was regarding an answer to the incident... Is it able to work for you without proxy because it is HTTP port 80?
New Zealand
Hmmmm.... not as yet.

I have the school technical expert looking into it.... he'll join this conversation as soon as he has registered so I'll open another support thread.