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Proxy Authentication Required (407)

Hi, I work at a school and we use a proxy server. I am not able to successfully authenticate to EZ-Cloud.

Here is the error that I am receiving:

Error: The remote server returned an error (407) proxy authentication required.

I receive this error after I try to login to EZ-Cloud Account Settings email address & password.

I have looked through "preferences" to see if I can enter in our proxy settings. I wasn't able to find an area that allows us to do that.

I would like to ask our filtering team to allow us to login to EZ-Cloud, however, I need to know what web address or such to ask them to unblock. Can you please provide me those details?

Please help.



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The address is for the domain

There a number of pages under that domain which need access - so they can simply include the domain as a wildcard:)