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Proxy Authentication

Hey DJ Sures... My students are lovin' using my EZ-B... (Notice the 'MY')

It works great using the connect to other instances of EZ-B via IP... students can work on our one project around the classroom. Only drawback is I have to fight them for access but I am planning to get the mini boards when they are released and get students working on their own projects instead of having to share mine! lol. But that is for next years budget ... (Wish I didn't have to wait that long)

Anyway, the cloud works great from home but requires proxy authentication for when I behind the firewall at school? Could you add proxy authentication?

And if you are working on that section of the code what about adding auto download and installation of software updates? I know we are alerted but could this be automated. That way if a project is written in another computer in an older version the user is prompted instead of going to to the website for an update, the software is ftp'ed down and automatically started, and then applied if the user okays it....(Not the firmware as this should be a supervised activity.)

I am thinking of the robot being able to run a routine to update its own software and/or project. (A bit Skynet I know - LOL)


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I considered an autoupdate also - I feel it's a good idea for the future when I have some spare time. In the meantime, I had ironically been working on a auto notification of new updates, which can be found in the latest ARC.

As for the proxy, it will be a bit before I look into adding support. In the meantime, you can use this work around: You may not be able to upload, but at least downloading works that way

I'm certain we'll have proxy support by next year :). Super awesome to hear your students are loving the EZ-B!

New Zealand

Already found it thanks ....

Only one thing... should it not show your own private uploads in the drop down box when you are logged in?

Currently only shows public files.

If this is the case all good cause I can at least get the public files between home to school.

Thanks for your hard work!

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