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Project M.A.R, Manipulator Arm Robotic

Hello guys!
I am developing a project in which I will use a manipulator arm with a little claw on the end to pick up some objects.
After analyzing the arm, we saw that it is possible to reform it and use it to our classes programming language.
As I have a brief knowledge in the area since automatizei my residence, lights, gates, cameras, alarm among other things I do in my house to learn more about automation system.
The Project (or reform) is to disassemble the arm and clean it, make installation of new sensors limit, or magnetic sensors, installing new engines and / or servo motors to arm movement.
Objective of the project is to move the arm and with a "claw" it pick up an object, present and back in the same place that got him.
I will use the system Parallel Port ... SPP, together with Arduino.
I will use step motors to move it and also servomotors. I hope you enjoy ... sorry for my english.
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Sounds like a cool and important project. Many here including myself are looking for a good solution to robotic arms. I'd like to do the same thing you are for my B9 robot and need it to be life size and fit into a round flexible rubber tube with a diameter of about 5". I'm looking forward to watching your progress. Please post lots of pictures and video as you go if you can and let us know details of both wins and losses.

One question; You mention an Arduino. Do you plan to integrate the Arduino with the functions of our EZB? Just how are you going to use one or the other?

BTW, your English is fine. Better then some we've had join out community.

Have fun and good luck. People here seem willing and able to help.

Dave Schulpius
Dave good morning!

I'm starting to play with his arm, I'm studying connections servo motors or stepper motors for me to move.
this arm is still in school and he worked three years with two moteres step, one moving it 180 degrees, and another moving it complete with steel cable.
now I want to move it independently, connect a servo motor on each part of the arm.

As the program ARC, I'll leverages it for some situations, but I'll take the graph, the interface, the idea. programming is different.
I hope to have results soon. Out of Brazil, a servo motor 20kg, is $ 30 USD for me to buy in Brazil out almost $ 200 $ very expensive tax.
but I will fight to finish it.

Movimentalo want manually, and then in automatic mode.