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Programming Revolution Six Wifi Hexapod


My question is about EZ-Robot Revolution Six WiFi Hexapod

I want to create a demonstration program that will show a robot navigate a maze

Robot should be controlled via http interface and execute very simple commands such as walk forward, stop, turn 90 degrees

Detecting when it hits a barrier would be a bonus

Can above mentioned robot do this

Or maybe i can use you apis to program actions desired and expose them on my own web server, which would in turn communicate with robot's http server?

Do you have any samples of such code (C#) would be great

Thank you, Yan Besidski


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This is probably one of the easiest things ez-robot's can do. Please check the tutorials and activities to see that what you're asking is one of the most basic activities.

Please browse the website and learn more about ez-robot. Also, ARC is your place to start. I wouldn't bother with the ez-sdk in c# right away.

I have removed required assistance because this question does not qualify.

*PS, probably not a good idea to post your phone number on a public forum.


Any time:D

When/if you get a Six hexapod, post on the forum here and we'll show you how to make it do what you ask.

How come you want it to be HTTP controlled btw? The ARC does have HTTP Servers, however, you can control the robot from anywhere over TCP because the ez-b is WiFi enabled.

Also, mobile interface is super friendly to build your own apps.


i have a system that will issue commands such as walk/stop/turn to the robot

The system "talks" in rest web services

Also, this system will not be on the same network as robot

So i need some web server somewhere to translate and transmit orders to the robot

Communications between "translation" web server and robot does not have to be http, you're right

Btw, how would robot indicate back if it hits a wall?