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Print Settings For Cubify Cube Gen3

Hi, I have a Revolution JD on order and just wondered what the recommended print settings are for both ABS and PLA. I printed a test foot using PLA on the highest settings 70 microns, almost solid and honeycomb, was this correct?

Thanks in advance, Paul.


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If you have ordered jd, you will get a high quality injection molded robot. There is no need to 3D print a jd if he has been ordered. However, if you still wish to 3D print the parts, the details of each part for printing are available in the 3D printing section, here: https://synthiam.com/Community/Revolution

Also, where you obtained the stl files for printing contains the details of each part. The resolution and other details are displayed for every stl file. It's impossible to download the stl files from this website or software without the printing details being displayed.