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He spent as much on that almost as just buying the bioloid to begin with.


I actually made a humanoid robot using bioloid parts for about 100 dollars cheaper, and with more stuff. (Ez-b v4, JD head, gyros, 4 micro servos, 20 dynamixel 12a's, etc.) I just bought all the parts seperate and it saved me a bundle.


how does it walk with those little feet? is there a video of it?


The default walking animation's performance with those little feet is actually superb. Way better than i expected (the bioloid comprehensive had terrible walking performance, with the same feet oddly enough) I've gotten it to cover a bit more land faster with a more human-like walking gait, though. Seeing as this 3D printed robot uses the exact same parts as a normal bioloid (similar to mine), i would guess it would walk extremely well.

Also, here's a video of the guy who actually made this robot - he's made a DARwIn OP 3D-printed clone aswell.


It's basically a Robotis Bioloid humanoid robot, only he printed the brackets. He used their controller and software to make it walk. If you shop around you can get the Bioloid Premium Kit for under a $1,000. The kit has additional parts that allow you to make several types of robots. It uses the dynamixel 12A smart servos.


That does walk okay! I wasn't expecting that. Sure doesn't have any directional accuracy but it does the job:)

I'm not a fan of the cost of those servos - which is why we continue to use hobby PWM digital servos. Ours have metal internals and can lift 15 kg at the spline, to keep our customer costs lower. The challenge with most controllers is sending a combination of PWM, digital I/o, serial, etc over the ports for any configuration. The controller bioloid uses is cute and definetly gets the job done - but it's quite under powered in function over the more cost effective ezb v4 - which also supports wifi, streaming audio, streaming video and now mobile app support.

Those servos can be connected to the ezb v4 also. They're serial controlled - so it's a tad bit more work. If we had enough users want those servos, I would add support in our software like I do with feature requests. They're too expensive compared to what were able to do with PWM hobby servos.

I think the best part about your bioloid humanoid robot is that you 3D printed it - rather than spending thousands buying it! I don't understand why these older robot companies continue to sell their stuff priced so high when it's 10-20 year old technology. You wouldn't buy a 286 computer for the same price as an i7:)

Oh well, were changing the robot market game!

I'd like to see your bioloid humanoid guy controlled by an ezb v4 to give him a personality:) hopefully someday!

In the meantime, keep up the awesome work and thanks for sharing:D


I didn't 3D print my robot - i don't have enough to possibly afford a good 3D printer at this time that could hold up to the big prints I want to do. I did happen to go the smart way and buy everything as cheap as possible, though. blush I am going to 3D print some shells for my little robot to make him a tad more approachable, though. (the cuter the better. The more friendly it seems, the easier it will be to talk/play with it and a big part of this entire robot is to be social and fun) I'm thinking either going to a local sign shop that has a 3D printer, paying out the 3000 for a resin printer (i think it gives a nicer look), or just going through shapeways. Thanks for your support though, this is a big reason why i ordered a EZ-B v4. :D


Awesome! Personality is totally what eZrobot is about:)

The 3D community printing should help you out too... Once it's online! We are so swamped and have so much on the burner. Sadly it's too expensive to hire more staff to get it all done at once.


@DJ Sures, I think its safe to say everyone understands. You've done quite a bit in the last year. I can't wait to see what you get done in a year that you don't lose time moving and battling a flood.


yeah the thing with JD is he looks very short and feet are huge. compared to the type of walking bots out there now....looks a little i a toy.

the Darwin Op is sooo similar to the Sony Qrio that i think most of us here dreamed about.

maybe we can mod the parts to fit hobby servos....then stick a v4 in him and boom!

a perfect example of that is capable with an ezb....this would blow all the Darwin OP robots out of the water


The reason JD has big feet is to increase his stability. The little feet humanoids are neat for people who have perfectly clean and flat areas to walk their robot on - but with JD his stability is increased and more forgiving for the terrain.

Also, the biggest reason for JD's feet is to support EZ-Bit Add-ons. Because we don't know what people will be connecting to their JD, we need it to be stable.