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Powering Multiple 5V Regulators Off A Single Port

Just a quick question. So the ground and positive pins on a digital port supply voltage/current directly from the battery/power supply connected to the EZ-B. So I'm wondering (to save on number of ports used), how many regulators can I safely run, in paralelle, off one port (single ground and positive pin)? I'm assuming running off three or four wouldn't be an issue as it would be the same as running them directly off the battery, or am I missing something?


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Hi Steve,

Current is your issue, not the number of voltage regulators. You cannot exceed a total of 5 amps through each digital port. You need to add up how much each device is drawing and keep the load under 5 amps.

Here is the EZBV4 spec sheet


United Kingdom
Thanks Steve. You brought up a good point about current. The sensors I intend to use draw a max of 3mA continuous, so I should be well in range of 5 amps using four of them off one port.

Thanks again.:)