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Asked — Edited

Power To Ezb

No Problem with my EZB works perfectly

I supply do to d14 with an external power source,by initially cutting print on pcb

when I disconnect main power to ezb and bluetooth red led goes out but the green led remains on
is this normal
don't want to do damage this brilliant card



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The red LED on the blue tooth will go out when you cut the power to the board. Your external supply is lighting the other LED. Turn that power off and it will go out.
Thank you for your reply

While disconnecting ezb aux power will switch off led, my concern is why does it remain on when main supply is disconnected.
Possibly feedback from connected servo's ?

My understanding is the aux supply to servos is for servos alone , and is not connected to any other circuit on the board

If its normal , no problem just afraid I may be doing damage to ezb card in the long term.

:) Pat
If you cut the EXT PWR pad, and the board continues to operate, then the pad is not entirely cut. You may use a ohm meter to check for connectivity between the + on the d0-d14 pins to the + on the d15-d19 pins. If there is connectivity, the pad is not cut.