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Power Connect Plug

Received the developer kit today. It is not usable as is.

The power connector plug will not go into the receptacle on the fuse base. The pin to inside diameter of the adaptor seems to be the problem. The supplied adaptor ID measures 2.14 mm. A similar plug with a 2.46 mm I.D. will fit.

So take your pick either the pin is wrong or the adaptor is wrong.

I will find a suitable adaptor locally, but you need do a better job on quality control of your piece parts from your suppliers.

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The adapter in the base is wrong. Don't worry, they know about this. I think their supplier for the adapters sent a big batch of the wrong ones and nobody really noticed until they started shipping:P

It shouldn't be that hard to replace the barrel jack, though.


If you cant find the proper adapter in a local store then use the Contact Us link to request the proper part to be sent to you.


Just received my Developer Kit for Christmas and found the same problem. This really sucks for being as expensive as this developer kit is... I will find a suitable plug when the stores open tomorrow but it worries me that if they are having this kind of quality control what other problems do I have to took forward to?


Problem solved, I picked up Part #274-1568 Size L Coaxial DC Power Plug at Radio Shack.. Barrel sized was 5.0mm O.D. x 2.5mm solder-type terminal they didn't carrier the screw type.. But it works fine.. for those that end up in the same situation.. cost $3.49


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