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Retired Naval Aviator Tech Support Manager Action Instruments Senior Analyst - Operational Experimentation The Ranger Group Curator - Cielo Vista Observatory


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Latest submissions

Moving Discrete Distances

Moving Discrete Distances

Now that I have part of Wiggins (my robot arms name) built with multiple motors and multiple sabertooth/kangaroos all of which are being driven by digital ports on EZ-B...
Multiple Motors

Multiple Motors

The robot that I am building is going to have DC motors for XY and Z movement as well as elbow bending, wrist turning, etc. I will probably wind up with eight DC motors when Im done. Now...

Driving Stepper Motors With Ezb V4

Done a lot of looking on the forum and still cant figure it out. I am building a pretty heavy duty robot and want to use the power of stepper motors. Question is - how do I interface the stepper motor with the EZB? I have Kollmoren P22 stepper motor - 8 wires, capable of bipolar, unipolar and parallel operation. I guess I need a recommended drive...

Building A Gripper

I reached the point with my Developer Kit that I needed a gripper. So I downloaded and printed the plastic parts but then discovered that I needed a smaller servo than what was in the Kit. So I ordered a micro servo which arrived yesterday. Looks like I need to modify either the micro servo or the housing to fit the micro servo into the gripper?...

Polar Coordinate Steering

Thanks to everyone for helping me get up and going! Ive learned how to connect hardware, download projects and learning ez scripting. I have never been one to reinvent the wheel so here goes.... I am looking to build a robot that will steer using polar coordinates. Is there an easy way to do this? Castle
Power Plug Doesn't Fit - Developer Kit

Power Plug Doesnt Fit - Developer Kit

The power plug you included in the Developer Kit does not fit into the power base. Reading on your forums this is a common problem? Pretty poor...

Getting Started With Developer Kit

Hi, Now that I have the proper power plug and have my EZ-B powered up I am confused as to how to begin. I have read the lessons on the EZ-B, the Developer Kit and ARC software. I dont have any of the robots that the other tutorials seem to address - so how do I just do something like hook up a servo and have it move or make the camera display an...
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