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Post Your Ez Robot Project On Letsmakerobots.Com

Hey guys , I just wanted to share I was posting my projects one by one on letsmakerobots.com. Once you post your project you can add videos and links back to your project file here on EZ-Robot.com. It doesn't have to be finished to post but be sure to include as much information and pictures for your build as possible. Also there is a section where you can indicate what software and controller you are using. Of course you enter in you are using the EZB Ez-robot controller with EZ Builder software or EZ SDK. This gets exposure for both your Robot and EZ Robot as well as we approach the holiday season. If you post a project post a link here!:)

So when posting be sure to do these things:
1. List the controller EZB your using
2. List software EZ builder or SDK
3. List EZ cam or EZ robot servos being used
4. Link your project thread in the links section of the Robot post
5. Use your same EZ Robot user name as the user name for letsmakerobots
6. If you have a video of your robot post the link to the YouTube video
7. Be sure to post pics just like you did on ez robot and content. You can even copy and paste. Lets not make LMR.com feel like we are mooching click traffic so make a legit robot project submission.


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Great idea Josh! Many of our EZ-Robot builders have come from different forums and websites originally. They saw everyone's robots in action and wanted to join in. More users=more amazing robots to learn from. Everyone wins:)

Obviously be respectful of their rules on spamming and everyone will love EZ-Robot:)
After taking a look at some of the projects I agree that we do have a lot more ambitious projects. That's why us with the over the top cool projects should be sharing our projects with other communities. It inspires them and brings attention to EZ Robot as well. When I told them I was new to robotics they really were not expecting the projects being posted. Lol. , EZ Robot simply makes it easier for me to focus on the hard parts. Building and design aspects. The Ez Robot website and forum is much better constructed as well. Things are hard to find over there and the screen feels cluttered. Anyways that's not the memberss fault at all.
That's what you should get him for Christmas , a black turtle neck w EZ robot ( or Hurley because he loves that brand) on it. Speaking of Anthony are you done 3d printing your parts for Lexi?
Have you had a lot of "mishaps" ?