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Plug In Fuse Board Does Not Fit In My Six

Just printed all the six parts..Noticed the power connecter board with fuse. Does not fit inside of six bot.seems the plug in connecter.needs to be wire in instead of directly Soldered to they sell power fuse board that fits in the Six.thnks jeff?

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Seems like you are looking for the wiring harness for the six body. Unfortunately we don't sell it on it's own, only with the Six or JD body. The board also resides inside the Power Shell but you would have to desolder the barrel jack.


Thanks that what I figured.fortunately I doe have a solder unicorn


Hi how about the on off switch. Mb know the make and model.just wondering how much is the body?


Solder unicorn. Ha ha ha I meen solder hunny bunny


The body for six is called a Dodecagon Body and is available in the Shop under Products - Add-ons and Sensors.


I have 3d printed a couple of these. Here is what I did for the power connector and the switch...

I got a power base from EZ-Robot when I bought my V4. I took it apart and used a solder removal tool to remove the barrel jack from the power board. I spliced in some wire and a T connector (cant remember the right term but fits the battery sold here) for the battery. This board matches what is in the Six body along with the rest of the robots.

You can get a switch from an auto parts dealer like autozone or O'Reilys. Just size it right (physical size of the switch to the hole and voltage/amps) and glue it in the hole in the bottom of the six body. I would say to use a 20 amp 12v switch.

If you don't have the tools or the skill set to do this type of thing, you could just buy the body or you could use this as a chance to pickup the tools needed so that you have them in the future, and also use it as a chance to learn or improve your soldering skills.