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My Ez robot six is not connecting to my phone or it will connect then will disconnect and my speaker has stopped working


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  1. What "phone" are you using? Make and model please.

  2. Are you using the latest ARC update on your phone?

  3. What do you mean by "connect and disconnect"

  4. How did you identify that the speaker stopped working? Does the robot not make a sound while powering on?


I got it to stay connected and the speaker doesn't make sound when it turns on and it does play the music when I tap play music


That's unusual as the bootup sound and "play music" button both use the speaker. To clarify, when you turn the switch of the robot to the ON position, there is no chime? Do the LEDs light up and flash as per the tutorials?

What steps did you take to have the robot begin staying connected?

Thanks for the responses!