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Ping Jeremie

Hey Jeremie, can you tell me what size cap you were using to smooth out the power supply DJ was using to power inMoov with?

Thanks Dude:)


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Hey @Richard R hope your trip back home was good!

It was two 1Farad 2.5V aerogel caps in series placed on the 3.3V line. This makes a 0.5F 5V rated cap.


Thanks man...

P.S. I got beer and pizza when I got home... so it wasn't too bad.... LOL:D


@Jeremie... Possible really stupid question.... Could I use a larger Cap and place it across the power terminals instead? If so what size would you recommend?


Not a stupid question at all. The reason why you would want to sustain the 3.3V line instead of the input voltage is that it is far easier to find a super capacitor that is rated for 3.3VDC (or slightly above) than it is to have one rated for 5V or higher.

To sustain the input voltage, like you said, a very large cap would be needed. When using servos there is usually many voltage/current spikes on the input side which are hard to filter and sustain while the regulated 3.3V is slightly buffered from it due to it's low voltage input requirements.

I wouldn't recommend using large caps on the input voltage, they will likely be quite expensive for higher rated voltages and there's no guarantee that they can do the job.


I think I get it... (hopefully anyway) The way you did it is more to keep the ezb alive (not browning out) than to supply actual power to the servos.... do I understand correctly?

I have found some on eBay for $10 for 3... 1 Farad 2.5V...