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I decided that my parts for my boxbot will turn up in time for my science fair and i thought it would be better if i could have ideas of what personalities i could give to my boxbot listed in one discussion.My boxbot will have grippers on the end of its arms (not sure what i am using for the arms need ideas).Now i just need a few ideas for abilities of my boxbot. Thanks in advance and here is a picture of the boxbot.:D boxbot Note: my boxbot will not have the same arms as the one in the picture and will have grippers


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There is a public project of mine that you can download. It has a personalities script in it. It has 20 ideas that I had for Wall-e and will show you how to make a script for it work.

South Africa

Thanks d.cochran what is the name of the project and.


Wall-E_Full is the name of the project. if you search by me, it will be the only one there.

$personality = GetRandom(0,19)

If($personality = 0) 
 say("I want to dance")

ElseIf($personality = 1)
ControlCommand("Script Manager", ScriptStart, "TellMeAJoke")

ElseIf($personality = 2)
ControlCommand("Script Manager", ScriptStart, "SayRandomFact")

ElseIf($personality = 3)
  SAY("ask if anyone else is getting hungery")

ElseIf($personality = 4)
  SAY("Call Maples name and start autonimous movement")

ElseIf($personality = 5)
  SAY("make a huge expression then look down with your arms hung low.")

ElseIf($personality = 6)
  SAY("check the temp and if it is hot or cold, make a comment about it")

ElseIf($personality = 7)
  SAY("Act like you are reading")

ElseIf($personality = 8)
  SAY("look up and find someone, identify them, and ask how they are doing today.")

ElseIf($personality = 9)
  SAY("see if it dark and if so, see if it is after 9 PM. if so, ask if it is bedtime")

ElseIf($personality = 10)
  Say("Can I chase the ball?")
  if ($QuestionAnswer = "yes")
    ControlCommand("Script Manager", ScriptStart, "ChaseColor")
  Elseif ($QuestionAnswer = "no")
    SAY("look sad")
    say("I did not hear you. Can I chase the ball?")
  If($QuestionAnswer = "")
  $QuestionAnswer = ""

ElseIf($personality = 11)
say("Did you know it is ") 
ControlCommand("Script Manager", ScriptStart, "SayTime")

ElseIf($personality = 12)
  SAY("autonomous collision avoidance")

ElseIf($personality = 13)
  SAY("look mad and play mad sound")

ElseIf($personality = 14)
  SAY("sway from side to side and play song")

ElseIf($personality = 15)
  SAY("find someone and wave at them")

ElseIf($personality = 16)
  SAY("look sad and say eve")

ElseIf($personality = 17)
  SAY("scratch head - Thinking")

ElseIf($personality = 18)
  SAY("Raise arms and gears")
  SAY("Make yawn sound")

ElseIf($personality = 19)
  SAY("look up and find someone")
  ControlCommand("Script Manager", ScriptStart, "FollowMotion")
  ControlCommand("Soundboard", Track_4)
  ControlCommand("Script Manager", ScriptStart, "kiss")

You would need to see the rest of the scripts to see what each of these is doing. It is full of ideas and not completely coded yet, but you will get the idea.

South Africa

Thanks the judges mines will be blown