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Pausing Speech Recognition

Is there any way to pause speech recognition in ARC while the bot is using the SAY command?

EZ-B is so good a recognition that it is picking up the words inside my sentences and mistaking them for commands.

I know I could choose my sentences better ... and for that fact my commands ...but...

Eg. My Commands for lights are "Lights on" & "Turn the Lights on"

Robot replies "Certainly Sir, turning the lights on"

In the sentence it hears the command "Lights on" again....

So it begins a talk to itself and loops until I turn the mic off.

If we can't pause Recognition can we mute the mic for a moment?


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Hahahaha! That is awesome. I can do something about that

New Zealand

DJ Sure's with support like this you can come and play at my house anytime... LOL.

But seriously New Zealand is a great place for a Holiday... and you'd be more than welcome... if the 'bot's let you leave.

New Zealand

Oh no!

I posted that last comment two days ago and there has been no reply .....

They got him....

... I knew they would....

.... unless....

.... he was already one of them!


Lol I'm here:) I'd love to visit New Zealand some day. Actually, any time off would be nice - someday!:) I have a very good friend who moved there. It would be nice to see her also.