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That is pretty awesome! But it doesn't walk on its own - that bit at the end is Stop Motion animation.
Oh, It walks on its own... rubber band powered clockwork action. Weight shifting walking action (I built a simple LEGO one that ran on a single motor). I think the video filter was done on purpose to keep with the slideshow theme of the build.

Very impressive. Now add in an EZ-B and a few servos. Much better then a box lid:)

Here is a link that is better proof of self walking concept.

I wonder if we can do a paper/cardboard/bristleboard robot? hmmmmmm!

Something we can print out in a template and cut
Ohh, yes... make it a partially laser-cut template or two that fits inside your existing box. The pieces can pop out from the frame and be assembled for a complete out of box robot kit. You could even use the box itself for part of the build... I have heard somewhere that that works;)
@gunner i have considered using the box after seeing your video. I think most people keep the box to look good on a shelf. Your laser cut idea is neat.

I was thinking of adding a library of "cut outs" for people. So if you didn't want to build a robot with a toy, or by scratch - then you could with printed cut-outs.
@DJ I think you should run with the box laser-cut idea, and flesh it out... my first project was heavily influenced by how clean, elegant and simple the box design looks. As well as a degree of "what now" as I opened it up.

An all-in-one starter aspect might help bring in the really inexperienced purchasers, without an expensive redesign or the perceived "effort" of print and cut your own (although that can be a value added expansion option). As @Bookmaker pointed out in this post... simple paper can be made to do wonders.

I love the idea sharing of this community forum... and the chance to communicate with you... none of this behind the curtain effect or "too good for you" attitude of some tech start-ups.