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Pandorabot Botid

I want to connect to my own PandoraBot using the PandoraBots control, but it requires a BotID. The PandoraBots website FAQ has this to say:

What happened to my botid? What is an Application ID or app_id?

The previous Pandorabots platform provided a unique botid that was used to identify your bot on the system. We have restructured the way in which bots are identified on the new system, where botid is defined as username/botname. For example, a botid on the Playground might look like:


This new style of botid can be used when making sraix calls to other bots that have been published to the Clubhouse.

The Application ID or app_id is a concept tied to the Pandorabots Developer Portal. Please see Developer Portal FAQ for details.

I have tried entering app_id and my bot name instead, but it doesn't work.

Please help.

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What you need to enter is the ID that is contained in your Pandorabots URL like what is outlined in red in the following photo...

User-inserted image

This can be found in your browser on your bots training page, or on the bots "Publish" page like in the above photo. It's not the whole Pandorabots URL you need, just the last set of numbers (also seen below). Enter this in to the Pandorabot control config menu, save it, then it should work straight away.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Let us know how you get on with that and shout if you need any further assistance with this.:)

Pandorabot control


Thanks for the reply, but I think your info relates to an old Pandora platform.

I think they have changed their platform: The previous Pandorabots platform provided a unique botid ... We have restructured the way in which bots are identified on the new system...

Possibly this is a very recent change? I don't know as I only found Pandorabots today. Maybe ARC software will have to be updated for this?

Curiously if I go to the url in your screenshot it appears I can access their old system. But if you signup at you will get a bot without a botid.

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I do still use their old system (wasn't even aware of a new one) and it works great for me. I don't think there are plans for Pandorabot to change or get rid of this due to the MANY published Pandorabots there already are. Pandorabots is one of the main, and most used controls in one of my robots.

If you use the link below, you can sign up to a pandora account and start creating a new bot.

Pandorabot sign up


I just tried it and signed up for a new account and this old way does still work.:)

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

And here's a screenshot of a new bot I just created called "EZ-Robot test" to confirm you can still get the BotID...

User-inserted image

Hope that helps.;)


Awesome thanks.

I already started on their new one, but will swap over to the old.

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No problem. Glad I could help.:)


How do I mark this thread as 'resolved'? Thought I had already done so as I had already selected from the drop down menu, but am getting a warning from support?

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Looks like you have already done it. All you need to do is select the person who helped you the most, leave a quick "thanks" message, and post it.:)