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Painting Robots

I am curious as to how some of you have gone about painting your robots.
In this forum I have seen fantastic robots, and would like to know what your procedures were in painting your robots. The robots that I'm working on are primarily made of plastic, and I am looking to find the best ways in preparation, and execution of getting my robots to look just as cool.


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The nicest finishes are base / clear. I used automotive grade environmentally friendly primer , base and low VOC clear. I had a friend paint mine basically free but If you don't have a spray gun or a friend you can help you out companies like Auto Color , PPG and House of Kolor can put base coat in a spray can. Even top coat can be mixed in a spray can now.
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Basically you can paint most things except silicon or any surface that is pour us or contaminated with a oil based cleaner. Sanding prep is a must to make sure your paint will stick. 400 grit is a rough start then work your way up to 800 grit and wet sand before you lay any paint down. Wash your parts with dawn dish washing liquid and rinse well to get sticker goo or other oil based contaminates off. If your parts are not clean the paint will wrinkle up or fish eye as it dries.
@jstarne1 Thanks for the response. I don't have an spray gun, so i'll go the route of spray cans. I will follow your suggestion on the sanding prep. Wow, those parts you have look amazing! I wish I had your friend.
If you like John Deere Green and Yellow you can get spray cans of paint from that company that will work on plastic surfaces. Just prep the surfaces like @jstame1 detailed earlier.