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Outer Limits Memory

I have reached the top of Mt Memory Everest! What was I thinking! Anyways in an effort to create a chat bot called FRED (Friendly Robot Entertainment Droid) , I have used in excess of 101 Scripts and combined with 15 Soundboards of .wav files to create a massive file of ..wait for it...152 MB (159,718,816 bytes)! It will "save or save as" at this point. Any furthure additions of a wav file will create this error..
System.OutOfMemoryException: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown with 15 "at" references. I can just hear all the nodding heads of disaproval. I would really like to utilize wave files for "better quality sound".........Perhaps ONE soundboard with all the wavs combined or is there another easy(I hope *stress* ) method to open the memory limitations. and nothing else on the computer was running taking up precious RAM. Here are the figures for Physical Memory according to Resource moniter.. My total available is 4096 MB In use 2579 MB AVAILABLE of 1356 MB . basically its at 65 percent capacity I have to wonder , would adding more RAM make FRED happy? Any thoughts appreciated by fellow climbers *stress*


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The Speech wave files and soundbites with a couple of songs put in were 98 percent of the memory usage...................Would it be possible to "call" the wave files rather then load them when using the Soundboard script? That would make a world of difference for creating an entertainment/chat bot
.................hoping it will be a simple soundboard mod...
Amazing when you ask a question and then you find your own answer. By using Batch files I have solved my memory issues! Thanks to anyone who may have thought about MY problem for more then a minute! ....DJ had already anticipated this problem by providing the EXEC command!
Cheers and happy EZ Roboting!:)