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Onemorequestion About Power Supply

OK, the way I do it is to have 12V and 6 volt and 5 volt power sources. I start with my batteries which are two 12V lead Acid 9ah batteries wired in Parallel. I use the 12Vfor the motors, the 6V for the servos and the 5V for the signal sensors, etc. Then I hook all the grounds together and pull a positive wire off of each. I run the plus wire to it's 12,6,and 5volt regulators. Then I run the signal wires to each piece of hardware as needed. Then when I charge the unit, I put the battery charger on ONLY the 12V source.

My question is: Am I doing right by tying ALL of the grounds together? Should it have what I call a floating ground? Or, is the way I do it correct? Should I put a Diode in the charging circuit to keep the voltage going IN and not backing up?



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