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On Ebay I Am Selling A Neato Xv-11 And A Contest

neato xv-11 LIDAR LASER IT IS A SMALL VERY ACCURATE LASER ,about same accuracy as $1000 unit i and selling it near $120 plus postage and ebay a nd paypals fee's

HERE is the contest and you get 50% off or back from the price of it

there is much info on the internet on hacking it,with API CODES and more it has a program for ROS and works perfect

This what i need program in C++ OR C# with DLL and API calls to it sold 5 so far and maybe have 8 left till i get more stock in i also posted in my robot clubs i am for the same contest if need hacking info can post it


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@robotmaker please make clear what the contest rules are:)


just need to make a program in C++ OR C# and DLL FILE and info on how to make API calls

its about $55 off LIDAR thats really good deal since i sell them for $110 and so far sold 7

info about the lidar it on this site

lidar info and blogs check all his blogs some has API callls,