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Omnibot Treads

@ jstarne1, hey josh, are you still casting omnibot 5402 treads? I just got a tired 5402 and everything rubber has gone bad. Thanks man.


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Hi Kenny , yea I still do custom molding. It is fun! I don't currently have a mold for the 5402 but I do have the 2000. Are any of the tires on it good? I believe I have a good tire I could cut off the rim and mold from.


Unfortunately, all the tires are wasted. But if the 2000 tire fits, im game:) lemme know how to get you money and how much, its no rush. I dont have a controller for it anyways, and its slated to recieve the v4. Right now, its just a fancy tape deck lol


Josh :-} If you do make a mold of the Omnibot 2000 wheel tread, I would be willing to by 4 treads from you, all of mine are rotted off also.


Sure.stonewolf I can do both. Both of you send me an email


Hi Josh, newbie here. I'm hoping you have time to make a set for me too. This is my first post, I've got an Omnibot 2000 that I'm tinkering with. Four bad treads, not a rush.


Hey beetle , yes I'm happy to make you a set , I posted my email. They cost 30 to make for you. Thanks