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Omnibot Robot Wheels Rubber Replacement/ Repair

Ok so there are a couple ways to restore tires. The best is pulling one good tread off a wheel , make a plaster of Paris mold , then fill the mold with liquid rubber and let dry. A perfect copy is made. In my particular case the tires are descent condition but are starting to develope cracks. So here is how I used liquid rubber..... User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

I simply painted on the rubber to the existing tread and was sure to fill the gaps around the edges to seal up the original rubber and stop future dry rotting. It's best to brush.on a very thin coat that may not even fully cover surface , let dry 15 min then go back with another thin coat and take it outside to dry for 2 to 4 hours. Don't be tempted to add more till this sets to make sure the first couple coats are cured. Excess on edges can be removed with razor blade. I have 6 dollars invested in this tire repair that should last a long time.;) User-inserted image Im thinking of either using regular wheels with tread for the wheel or using spray dip for the rear , I have not descided on the rear set. I will think about it while these dry.

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I used that stuff alot to restore rubber,and to fix my tools and more looks good this month i cant wait looking to get a metal lathe,to do alot of robot machine work


Can you lathe me a joint for head movement? Lol I need to.find or make a neck movement hinge. Left right , up down, maybe tilt left and right too.


should be able too,looking to make a real hand and elbow design for main robot design,and latter mill some parts for LIFE SIZE JOHNNY FIVE project it lathe MACHINE for about $700,about 3 week of april,still need to make a base to hold it too ,very heavy and the milling machine $600 lathe machine

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

milling machine


check input-inc for plans ,i have only production design of wood full size ,made by the guy who design johhny five,and made a special lynxmotion johhny five design,other one need a few parts is lego mindstorm nxt johnny five,just need a wifi and few other small parts and sensors when i get back will post my wood design ,very full detail i live for johnny five,been to astoria,where his house was


I just need to buy him lol , where's winnings at?


,they sold him for $100,000 ,one from the movie i was lucky to get the wooden prop that was made $600 with special shipping


Oh wow that's great for reference making real one.


thats why i bought it,lot of others make R2-D2 full size mostly cost when finished about $3000 mine is my JOHHNY 5 mostly cost near the same