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Omnibot Build?

Hi all, I want to do copy of DJ's Omnibot 5402. I have the bot Just need the ez-robot parts. Would I be better off (pricewise) buying the Ezb v4 developers kit or buying the parts individually.

Also if buying the parts individually, could someone provide a list of parts needed to complete the build?

I have looked at the build tutorial page but the list isn't broken out too well at the bottom of the page.

Finally I know the original build was done with a V3, what are the relevant parts updates for the V4?

Any help appreciated!

thanks in advance, Brian


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Hi! Use the developer kit because it offers a deal with the additional servos and wheels. The other thing you will need is the hbridge, which is in the Dyi category of the product page. Lastly, it may be convenient if you get the wire cable package as well. Because it has the female and male connectors that makes it easy to connect stuff to the ezb

Although, depends how far away you mount the camera from the ezb, you may need a camera extension cable.

as for the battery, a lipo would suffice but not necessary because there's lots of room in the body. I use a sealed lead acid 6 volt 6 amp battery. I got it from a battery store in town.


Hi all, I ordered the kit right after I posted this thread originally. The kit is waiting to ship due to some servos being out of stock.

So my question is: when the kit ships will it have the Comm 2 version of the EZ-B?

Thanks, Brian


Most likely - i do not believe there has been stock of the Comm1 EZ-B's for over a month.


Cool, thanks for the fast reply!