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Asked — Edited

Omnibot 2000 Wheel Tread.

I was wondering who can make me some tread for my omnibot 2000 drive train, I need tread for a 4 wheels. Another question is, what other wheels would fit, if I wanted to swap the wheels out?


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There was a guy here selling some. Have you searched the forum?
Hope everyone has a Happy Easter today :-}

I thought I remembered seeing something on here about someone who was making and selling Omnibot treads, I will have to look later today when I get home. I also remembered Josh talking about making treads also, I would just rather pay someone on here to make me new treads :-}
Matt was selling some on eBay but that's "across the pond" so shipping would be more. Levers-of-power posted something about a 3D printable rubber product. Josh was doing it too as you said. I don't see every post so maybe someone else will come in with better info.
Anybody know of anyone currently selling 5405 (OB 2000) treads or have a good how to? I don't have any good to create a mold from, the 3d printed ones don't seems to have a good tread design and I don't see any for sale currently.

And advice appreciated!

I finally won an ebay auction, can't believe how much people are paying now (myself included) for broken and bad condition...supplies must be withering