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Omnibot 2000 Head For Sale?

Hello Everyone! So i just began gathering parts for my first robot. I purchased a mannequin torso to use as the body. there will be a pc mounted inside the torso with a 7" lcd touch screen on it's back. I'm planning on using one of the robotics platforms from zagros for the base and i'm trying to track down an Omnibot 2000 for his head. I've been looking on Ebay but the full omnibot 2000's that keep coming up for sale are way out of my price range.. (can't rationalize $100 for a half broken one plus shipping when i'm just planning on using the head/neck). Considering how many people on here have been modding these and using them in their projects I was wondering if anyone potentially wanted to sell a head? I'd love to buy just the head/neck assembly that way i don't have to mutilate an antique or spend excess money and have a thousand parts i don't want or need. I was also wondering if anyone has considered 3d scanning the head and reproducing it in a 3d printer? these omnibots i'm sure are becoming more scarce and will continue increasing in value.. maybe some cheaper 3d printed replica heads would be something to consider.

Anyway let me know if anyone would like to sell me one! thanks!


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@Kullthulu Hey I might be able to help you out on a Omnibot 2000 head, I am currently bidding on one and if I win, I will have an extra head :-} I will know more in about 3 hours :-}


Awesome! that would be very much appreciated. I certainly wish you luck. Let me know how it turns out. Also I've been following your rad, robosapien, omnibot build.. and i have to say Kudos on some serious originality!


@Kullthulu Thanks for the compliment :-} His name is Roamin and I am still working on him, cannot do much until my preorder gets here :-{ I also just received today a Radio Shack Robie Senior Robot that I got for a heck of a deal off of Ebay :-} I am getting ready to tear him apart soon, like any minute :-} About the Omnibot 2000 head, if I win the robot, which is looking like I might, I would sale the head to you. I live in Plymouth, Indiana. Where do you live? If you like the work I am doing on my first robot, you are really going to be dazzled with my second robot build, I got the ideas and the parts :-}


That sounds awesome! I've seen those robie seniors. That should be a fun project. I live up in Milton, New York. Been mighty snowy up here the last week... delayed my torso delivery by a few days haha.


@Kullthulu Bad news, someone outbid me at the last second :-{ I am working on something else, so just hold tight, I still might have a head for you :-} We have a lot of snow here also, supposed to start thawing some, probably melt, flood and refreeze and then get dumped on again.


That's a tough break stonewolf. I hate when that happens. Keep me in the loop if you are able to turn one up :-)

And Troy, How in gods name did you find that? lol. That is awesome. Sadly i think it might be a bit undersized for my robot.. the head is going to be sitting atop a human sized torso so proportions with that head might be an issue. I am considering getting it anyway though just for personal enjoyment because of how neat it is. I'm sure i could find some use for it haha. for this robot though i'm still set on getting my hands on an omnibot head.


LOL. Im using one I found on EBay years ago. I keep a lookout for them when you show up cheap enough and post it here from time to time. Yep too small. You could see if there is someone who will design an original head for you and 3D print it. :)


@Troy So are you wanting to sell that head radio? I could use that on a robot project :-}


Oh sorry, that's not me selling it. I just found the link.


@stonewolf, There is another Omnibot 2000 that just came up on ebay. $195 with a buy it now option.


@Kullthulu Well I just bought that Omnibot 2000 before I came here to tell you that I will have a head for you when I receive it :-} I bought the robot cheaper and well the postage wasn't great, but not as bad as some of the ones I bidded on, postage is a killer :-{ It was funny when I read what you wrote and I already bought it :-} At least now I have scored a Omnibot 2000 :-}


That's great news! and yes postage can be insane! sometimes half the cost of the purchase. that's really funny that you nabbed it before you even saw my post lol.

shoot me an email at and we can work out details for the head once you get it. Thanks a million!


@Kullthulu I will certainly contact you when I get the robot :-} I have been trying for sometime to get a Omnibot 2000, but I always luck out, this time with it being best offer and buy now, I couldn't let it slip by. Pretty much now I have the robots and the other body parts that I need to build what I have been wanting to do. I just need the V4 and the other parts on preorder to get things to come alive :-}


@Kullthulu Are you still looking for a Omnibot 2000 head for your project? I now have a extra one :-} Just to let you know :-}


awesome! yes I am still looking for one! I'm not sure if that was you that emailed me last night, if it was then i emailed you back. if it wasn't than please email me so we can work out details. Thanks a ton!


@Kullthulu The first two pictures are the Omnibot 2000 head and the other is a head I am working on. I combined a Robi Senior and a Mr. Clock Radio head. I think it looks cool :-}