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Omnibot 2000. $40?

Just saw a 2000 in local thrift store. Right hand broken off, rest looks intact. They were asking 40 bucks. Is that a good deal?


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Yes, it definetely is! Especially if you want to "EZ-robot" it. Its a good base to start from and if you put an EZ-Robot kit inside, you wont be needing the electonics or the old remote anymore. I am sure you could fix up the arm somehow.
That's a good deal. Lol want to double your money? I would buy it from you for sure
Book says the original battery was 6v. I have a good 7.2 pack I am using now with the EZ board. Can the original motors handle 7.2v, if i gut all the electronics?
Oh yes, they are really strong. I have 12v on mine. Honestly.though it's ten dollars.for a ub645 6v replacement battery on ebay.
I paid 150 for my omnibot.2000 plus 40 for shipping. The arms break.easy.
He is in the car 39.99 plus tax.

The fun begins!
Here's a quick photo of the new addition to the family.
Treads look in good shape, and it grinds if i push it, so i'm hopeful that the motors/gears are in good shape.
Still has a 6V battery installed; condition unknown.
The AA batteries in there will need to be dug out and some acid treatment done.. but all in all, looks like a good find...

User-inserted image
Looks like a gun arm to me!
Yeah. We will see.

Any idea what amperage the stock motor setup pulls? More than 2A?
You can use dj l298n controller In the EZ Robot store.
I just happen to have one still wrapped. Thanks for the info.
Great buy! Are you planning on trying to find the hand or will you add a custom hand? If you dont need the arm gears, let me know.
The cyber strike x4 automatic airsoft gun fits great into the elbow area connected to the upper arm. Every cool robot needs a gun to terrorize the neighborhood kids with lol.
Any progress with Omnibot?