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Older Versions Of Ez_B.Dll Or Source Code

Is there an older version of the ez_b.dll or the source code available for it?


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Source code, certainly not. It is commercial software, not open source. Old version, how old do you need, and what function was deprecated that you need? I might have a version of the SDK download sometime last year, but I don't think anything has been removed in newer versions.



I was looking for a version that didn't include the speech or speakjet objects in the dll.


Speech has always been in the DLL as far as I know. Although the EZ-B v3 could not speak itself, EZ-Robot has always supported speech, and so the SDK always supported it.



Ok. Are there any plans to include the ARDrone references in the monoSDK ez_b.dll ?


There are no plans to include ardrone references by ez-robot in a mono version. I would recommend using one of the many c# libraries available for the ar parrot drone.:) Here's a good one:


Thank you both for following up. BTW...EZrobot platform and software is cool to design with.


Something I didn't realize when I was answering. The new Universal Bot SDK is open source. You can download the source code here:



I will take a look at that. Thanks again.