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Old Timer Coming Back

Greetings to all, My name is Lloyd Cooper. I was one of the first purchasers of DJ's very first EZ-B (V1) and I have been away from robotics for quite sometime. I have returned to the fold and am looking forward to learning about the new EZ-B V4. As is the case with modern technology, many advancements have been made, and DJ and EZ-Robot are no exception . Before I jump back in I'd like to know if the software for the original EZ-B is still available? I would hate to see it go to waste; and a number of my robots were built using the V1, so it would be nice to bring them back to life. I am now heavily involved in paranormal investigation and along with my co-founder have formed our own team. We are Ghost Quest Paranormal Investigation Team. I have been designing and building some of our own equipment for our investigations. I happen to mention my involvement in robotics at a team meeting one night and I was pleasantly surprised when others suggested the use of robotics in our investigations. It was the ole light bulb going off over my head! Why didn't I think of this before?, Thus my return to robotics and EZ-Robot! As way of introduction; I am now 68 years old and have been blessed with relatively good health and am enjoying my (sometimes much too busy) retirement here in central Florida. However, I have too much I want to accomplish to slow I can assure you that I will be asking lots of questions about the new controller. I 'm hoping for a easy learning curve. I am also looking forward to making new friends here in the EZ-Robot community. I'm sure you won't remember me but.........Hello DJ, how are you? I'm really pleased to discover that your enterprise has been so successful. All my best, Lloyd


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Lloyd! How can I forget you! Man it's great to hear from you. So glad that you're taking the time to dabble in robotics again.

The good news it the software still supports the ezb v3 and ezb v2.1. If I recall, you had a v2.1 as well, which i would hold on to if I were you! It's becoming quite a rarity.

The software hasn't changed a lot from what you were used to - albeit a lot of new features.

The new ezb is similar operation as the last, but it now has vision and audio capabilities. The biggest struggle from those migrating from Bluetooth is understanding that the new controller is wifi.

The wifi is a little different approach, but nothing you can't handle :)


Hi Lloyd, I remember you well. You dropped off not too long after I signed on. Welcome back.

I think it's great you want to use EZ Robot in your investigations. It's a perfect fit. I can see an EZB powered Wall-E patrolling the halls of and old mental asylum looking for insane ghosts. You have got to keep us up to date on your progress and results. This is too cool!

Even though some of your old hardware will still work you would do yourself a favor by upgrading to the V4 if you can. There are very cool features on the V4 you can use in your ghost chasing that you cant use if you stick to the V2. I upgraded all my V3's to V4's and haven't looked back sense.


Welcome back Lloyd! I remember @DJ mentioning you sometime ago. I think you pre-dated me in this community :D


WOW! I must say I am very pleasantly surprised and sincerely impressed that you remembered me DJ! Thank you so very much for the warm welcome back! I have checked out the new version and am looking forward to working with it. As I stated in my previous post I'm ,again, sincerely pleased that you have been so successful with EZ-Robot. You have worked long and hard to be where you are now. You deserve it my friend and congrats! I would also like to thank Dave and Jeremie for the kind words of welcome also. I must have done something right to be remembered. I actually still have all of the robots I had put together from my previous endeavors, some of which I may bring back to life, including RoBo Jeep! I am planning on using it in my paranormal investigations. I'm hoping it will be of interest in some of our outdoor investigations. I am planning on adding a nightvision camcorder (with pan and tilt) and an IR light array along with some other experimental equipment I am designing. Should prove to be a challenging project. I will post progrees notes as the build goes forward. Question for you you think camera tracking would work in nightvision (IR light)? There's a new challenge for you. I would love to be able to "Track" any ghosts I might capture! I will be ordering the new V4 soon. I look forward to becoming a part of the EZ-B community again. All my best..................


Humm, Camera tracking a ghost. I'll be looking forward to seeing how this will be done.