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Object And Face Reco Like Djs Robothead


i try to track objects or faces and i want that the head form the JD ist tracking/follow the object.

I must say in the Video from DJ it work perfect.

My JD only follow if he wants and almoust in the wrong direction.

Here are my settings.

User-inserted image

What is my mistake?



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And the Face Reco is really sensitive. In everything the Reco see a face!

I have Some Boxes behind me with a small black dot. And in every box the Reco see a face.

Is there a possibilitie to make the Face Reco not so sensitive.

Other Question:

It´s possible to let the EZ-Face Pluggin to drive a Servo?


i made a video of his confuse Face Reco.

Has somebody good results of this EZ Tracking?