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Noisy Motors For Roli

Hi all just got a question as to a quieter motor for the Roli. My Roli will be running around the house a lot and I was wondering if anyone has swapped out the stock ones for quiter ones. These motors work great for the money but you can hear them over a ACDC concert. Dont mind spending the money on quieter ones I just want to get the right ones without a bunch of TAE.


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Other than getting the exact same small dc motors say from eBay... Anything else you buy will surely need some sort of "adapting" to fit it Roli.... In other words any other motor you use will have to be identical in shape and form as Roli's oem motors or else you're going to need to do some hacking to fit them in place...

I don't have a Roli, but have a pretty good idea of how it works... If you have access to the motor's (specifically the gearbox) maybe adding some white lithium grease to the gearbox might quiet the motors somewhat...


I should not have to use extra lube since they are new plus I dont want to open these up and void any warranty. I was looking for someone that has a Roli and has done a change out to solve this issue, if any. Thanks


Extra lube was just a recommendation and it will quiet any gearbox and probably prolong it as well.... I just suggested this because it is a cheap simple way to reduce gear train noise... If you alter/remove and or put in new motors would that not constitute a reason to void a warranty, anyway? Those motors cost maybe $6 to replace so I wouldn't sweat opening and adding lube and risking any warranty issues....


Thanks for the price info Richard, I can live with $6.00


$6 was just a guess... Still they won't be expensive motors... If you are going to take apart these motors, still do it carefully no matter what they cost...