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United Kingdom
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No Uk Stock Of Any Robot Kits

I cannot find any dealers in UK who have any stock of any of your products.

All my research and advice is saying EZ-Robots kits are best, but I'm unable to buy them:(

Robot shop is saying stock soon , but the dates keep moving now early February

Ordering direct looks expensive to the UK , any other suggestions ?


United Kingdom
Yes, the EZ-Robot kits are great. The company I have bought a couple of kits from no longer seem to stock or sell them, and as you say, RobotShop doesn't seem to have anything available. Have you tried The Tablet Academy? Might be worth a try.


Buying directly from EZ-Robot, the shipping costs are not too bad depending on how much you spend (ships directly from China), but the import charges and dreaded VAT can be a pain in the butt.
Hi @Simon_Walker - We're working hard to fill resellers inventory. It's Chinese New Years right now so the warehouse and factories are all closed down until the 3rd week of February. It may be challenging to find a local retailer that has EZ-Robot products until our warehouse staff return from holidays and are able to ship to the retailers.
United Kingdom
Steve G

I've dropped tablet Academy an email, as there website does not appear to show stock levels. I will let everyone know if they have stock.


Thank you for the info. Looks like I will just have to be patience.
We tried to re-fill inventory of resellers before the Chinese New Year begun but weren't able to get product to everyone in time. It's challenging keeping up with demand!

Thanks for your patience... It'll be well worth it:)
United Kingdom

Just to let everyone know Tablet Academy had 3 JD's in stock, now 2:)

£30 more then Robotshop + £13 p&p (must hand deliver them !). Still cheaper and quicker then ordering direct.

Thanks again Steve for the URL

I was never patience
United Kingdom
That's great. I bought a Six from them late last year. Yes they do cost a bit more, but like you say, you end up saving on paying out on import/VAT.

Have fun. )