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No Sound From Ez-B V4 After Power On

I followed strictly the tutorial to use 6 rechargeable AA battery to power up EZ-B v4. It lights on, flashes and then blinks exactly as tutorial video shows. But there is no sound. I tried reset and reboot. No luck. Does it mean the speaker is bad or I missed something? Thanks.


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The speaker connection is two little springs that sit between the speaker in the case and two pads in the bottom of the EZ-B circuit board.

You can carefully open the case and lift the board out, stretch the springs a little bit and put it back together.



Speaker could be bad or not making good contact. If you want to try, you can remove the 4 screws from the bottom of the ezb, and stretch the 2 little springs that make contact from the speaker to the pads on the bottom of the board. If not, use the Contact Us page to request assistance directly from ez-robot.


Thanks both of you for the tip. It was a connection problem. It works after I inserted some paper to one the back to ensure two springs to touch the pads.


Excellent. Most of the time if you get the lights but not the sound it is those contacts.