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No Kit Yet No Robot Yet But There Are Ideas Floating Around My Head But Still Ha

Be checking out the you tube videos and love the making the vintage robots more like we always wanted when we where kids.
But here are my questions. the new ez-bee in the white care appears to me very cool but appears to be slightly more balky the simplicity seem like something my son and I could work with..(he is 10) Does it always stay in the white box?

What I would like to achieve is a wondering robot that will respond to verbal speech but when not responding to the person can move around exploring it surroundings and or follow the person . If it is exploring its surroundings I would be nice to have a verbal command to get it to return to a person.

I know you can add a controller but it would be way more cool to have it respond to a person..

Can this be done?

Also is the robot always a slave to the home computer? or can he work autonomously on his own? So far you tube is my main reference.

I like the vintage feel so been looking for a donor toy robot and am considering the kit but would love community suggestion. I am hoping this will give me many hours of father and son time along with the little kid in me that just wants a cool robot that I had a hand in making.


Upgrade to ARC Pro

With ARC Pro, your robot is not just a machine; it's your creative partner in the journey of technological exploration.


The EZB4 works through your PC or smart phone... It can be programmed to be autonomous or under user control. The software (ARC) runs on your PC controlling the ezb4 board at all times... Nothing gets downloaded to the ezb4 itself... Still, It is just like any other robot controller only about 10 time more powerful... Which includes voice recognition,... advanced video colour, object and face tracking... Newbees often ask can it do this or can it do that... the answer usually depends on your level of programming skill... Sometimes the questions are liken to how do you build a car... How would we answer that question other than it depends... You can do as little or as much as you wish... again, that depends on your programming skills.. Fortunately EZ Robot has made advanced programming (in most cases) as simple as a few clicks of a mouse...

So, in my opinion if you want a robotics platform for you and your son to enjoy together, then EZ Robot would be hands down my choice...:)


I agree completely with Richard on this. You should be able to make it do all those things with just a little time spent programming with ARC. I completely agree with Richard in that EZ Robot has made advanced programming much, much simpler. I think an EZ-Robot is one of the best side projects you can have. They are both extremely fun and rewarding!