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Nice Little Wifi Router For Robotics, Amazon Gold Box Deal Today

Due to the DHCP issue described here I set up my home network with a second WiFi router plugged into my primary router but using it's own SSID and a separate subnet that is only used by my robots. I found a nifty and inexpensive little TP-Link router that can run in multiple modes, and it is on sale for just $12.99 on Amazon today:

The great thing about this is that it runs on 5v usb, so if I travel with my robots, I can switch it from AP to Router mode and just power it off my laptop's USB port so I don't need to reset the robot to AP mode or another location's SSID, I just connect my laptop to this router's SSID (I have my laptop set with a reserved IP in a higher octet than the EZ-B's so I avoid the DHCP collision issue as long as I start the EZ-Bs in order, and I usually only travel with one anyway, so not as big an issue as long as I start the laptop first).

When I build my big bot, I plan on building the router into the robot and will just power it on when out of the house and use a different router for the bots in the house (hopefully by then, there will be a fix for the DHCP issue too).

The only issue with it is because it is so small, it doesn't have great range. The robot and the laptop need to pretty much be in the same or the next room.



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Good find! I've had good experience with TP-link products in the past.


My main router is a TP-Link Archer C8, and I have another one (forget the model) that is a little slower but still good. I really like them.